SGIR Grant

After my meeting with Dr. Corwin of the TTUHSC, we continued to communicate and investigate funding opportunities for post-stroke aphasia rehabilitation using serious game design.

In the summer 2016, TTU announced the SGIR grant, a seed grant opportunity to encourage interdisciplinary teams of research. Dr. Corwin and I reconnected and decided to pursue this opportunity. Needing a team of at least 3, we contacted Dr. John Velez of Media and Communication, a game theorist to be the third member of our team.

Next, the labors of grant writing!


Early 2016

In early 2016, my music collaborator Sean Kennedy and I gave a brief presentation concerning our December 2015 collaboration in February 2016.

I think the subsequent presentation was by the TTU Health Science Center. I remember leaving in the elevator with a woman. I’m not socially engaging, but I remember talking with her about her project which was with stroke survivors. At that time I was currently working on my certificate in Serious Game Design and Michigan State, and in that brief meeting and walk to my bike, we talked about using serious games in rehabilitation with stroke survivors.

And it has evolved from there!

Texas Tech Research Club

I don’t know when I first heard about it, but at some point I received an email about the ‘Research Club’. It was to be a professional/social gathering of faculty to encourage interdisciplinary research. I had been wanting to make interdisciplinary connections and went to a few of the meetings in, I think 2014. They were held at different departments, the participants giving presentations about their work. I felt very awkward and didn’t engage with any of the faculty. I went to them very sporadically and stopped going for a time.


A subsequent email was sent about the Research Club, with a change in venue for 2015, the Texas Tech Club on top of the stadium. I was quite reluctant, but went, and found the new venue much more conducive to engaging with other faculty, as it was a neutral location, no one’s department.