IRB feedback

We did rather well in our IRB submission: (only 9 points that need resolved). We will only need to resubmit to make sure we have resolved these issue. Then we should be ready to GO!


IRB Review

We are getting the last bits ready for the IRB since we are going to be going up in October.

I have been working on the screen shot of how the intervention will run. It is just a screen shot and uses arrows to simulate how the screen will move.

I also wrote up the Text narrative that will be used in the intervention and the IRB with input from the other team members.

VINI evaluation survey that has been used by other programs to be specific for our intervention

I wrote up the verbal intervention script that will be read by our ‘doctor’ with input by the rest of the team members

I created a folder with the example intervention images in them as PDF

John, Justin and Melinda have been writing up the IRB narrative protocol and dealing with the website forms that will be needed to be filled out. I’m glad they are doing that since I have neither the skills for writing it nor the patience for dealing with the upload forms.



Ah, the IRB. This is Institutional Review Board, a very necessary function of any human centered research. As there has been deliberate and inadvertent abuse of humans in the far and recent past, the IRB has been set up to ensure that humans are treated properly in research.

Regardless that we are not doing biological, but cognitive research, the team will still undergo an IRB review for approval.

Now I must say, as an artist this is a revelation. I briefly did an IRB when I took my User Experience class during my Serious Game Design Certificate Program at Michigan State, but as we were interviewing, the IRB training was very minimal.

IRB in the human sciences is extremely, intense. I, the artist, did have to take some of the training modules multiple times in order to glean enough knowledge to pass the written tests. It was TOUGH. But did get though.

We are putting together all, and I mean it is A LOT of material together for hopefully October IRB. Dr. Velez, Keene and Corwin are doing most of the writing for the proposal and I will be working on the illustration for the Test, and the visual narrative. Every thing that we will use, regardless of how insignificant it seems, will need to be put forward for review.

July-August 2017

July and August was spent working on the visual narrative images. This included meetings with the artist to give visual markup and feedback via art/design, how it will work with the game interface, and aphasia appropriateness.

HSC funds were encumbered to hire their graduate students to assist in delivery of the visual narrative, and iPads were purchased for VINI delivery

MCOM funds were encumbered to utilize their Phd student Casey Smith to create the interaction.