IRB and ready to go

We received our IRB approval letter, so we are ready to begin testing the VINI. The game is coming along nicely and will be posting and update shortly.


IRB Review

We are getting the last bits ready for the IRB since we are going to be going up in October.

I have been working on the screen shot of how the intervention will run. It is just a screen shot and uses arrows to simulate how the screen will move.

I also wrote up the Text narrative that will be used in the intervention and the IRB with input from the other team members.

VINI evaluation survey that has been used by other programs to be specific for our intervention

I wrote up the verbal intervention script that will be read by our ‘doctor’ with input by the rest of the team members

I created a folder with the example intervention images in them as PDF

John, Justin and Melinda have been writing up the IRB narrative protocol and dealing with the website forms that will be needed to be filled out. I’m glad they are doing that since I have neither the skills for writing it nor the patience for dealing with the upload forms.