Busy Summer 2017

The VINI project was in full swing with the development of the visual narrative.  From the grant funds, Stacy Elko procured one 22 inch Cintiq Drawing pad to begin the narrative, while waiting on the three 12.9inch  iPad Pro with Apple pencil. The app Procreate was used to create the drawings as the advantage over Sketchbook Pro was the export functions. We would be able to export the Procreate files in ‘procreate’ or PSD format preserving their layers. Casey would then be able to pick out pieces for animation if necessary.

The artist then generated 175+ storyboards from which to base the final drawings. The drawings still took multiple revisions, given feedback from Dr. Corwin concerning aphasia friendly imagery.

Author: Visual Interactive Narrative Intervention

Arts in Medicine: Speech Hearing Therapy Artist Video Game Theorist Phychophys

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