Texas Tech Research Club

I don’t know when I first heard about it, but at some point I received an email about the ‘Research Club’. It was to be a professional/social gathering of faculty to encourage interdisciplinary research. I had been wanting to make interdisciplinary connections and went to a few of the meetings in, I think 2014. They were held at different departments, the participants giving presentations about their work. I felt very awkward and didn’t engage with any of the faculty. I went to them very sporadically and stopped going for a time.


A subsequent email was sent about the Research Club, with a change in venue for 2015, the Texas Tech Club on top of the stadium. I was quite reluctant, but went, and found the new venue much more conducive to engaging with other faculty, as it was a neutral location, no one’s department.



Author: Visual Interactive Narrative Intervention

Arts in Medicine: Speech Hearing Therapy Artist Video Game Theorist Phychophys

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