The beginnings of the project-AIM Arts in Medicine Initiative

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This blog will document and update the project:

Arts Initiative in Medicine Interactive Environments to Facilitate Communication Between Post-Stroke Aphasia Patients and Health Care Providers Narrative



Documentation of the VINI at the Media School at Indiana University

Aphasia team member, Dr. John Velez, currently at the Media School at Indiana University was interviewed about the VINI (Visual Interactive Narrative Intervention).


The Media School, IU Bloomington, IN


Public Presentation at the LHUCA

Dr. Melinda Corwin and I gave a public presentation about our arts in medicine project. Here is the video that we used to interact with bystanders. We interviewed almost 200 people and 80% of them had no idea what aphasia was. So our education ap that we are developing will be useful for not only person’s with aphasia to inform them about their condition, but also the public  as well.

Example of VINI user

ASHA conference

Dr. Melinda Corwin, Dr. John Velez and I, Professor Stacy Elko attended the ASHA (American Speech, Hearing, Language Association) Conference in Boston Nov. 15-17 where we gave a technical presentation. I was pretty overwhelmed as there were over 15,000 attendees at the conference. Below is a shot of the vendor fair when I first arrived at the Boston Convention center.

John, Melinda and I at the conference.