Dr. John Velez at Purdue, March 2020

Velez Purdue Talk - Flyer copyJohn Velez delivered  a presentation at the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University,  broadly covering the results of the VINI pilot study.

From John after the presentation: I just wanted to share a student’s response to the talk yesterday. I found his email very moving and he said I could pass it along to the team.
‘Your presentation today was personally special for me because my father-in-law lost his communication ability since last December and the family has had hard time with that. Actually, my wife and I recently talked about communication problems by brain damage and hope that there is a scholar researching simple communication ways for the patients. The feeling I have gotten today is more like gratitude beyond a coincidence. And, although you already know, I just want to say that your research would be really meaningful for many patients and their families. Thank you, and sincerely hope your project can share valuable findings.’

Almost published!!

This is exciting that our first peer reviewed article will be published soon. As I was the artist for our Visual Interactive Narrative Intervention, I directed my writing efforts how we created the VINI and the thought and design processes behind it. Dr. Velez, Corwin and Keene are the co-writers on the piece and it would not be at this point with out all of their contributions, corrections and critiques.

Rethinking Patient-Provider Care through through Visual Communication.

published by Sage Publishing.

I must say that I really underestimated just how difficult this would be.  I’d rather get back to drawing!!

Public Presentation at the LHUCA

Dr. Melinda Corwin and I gave a public presentation about our arts in medicine project. Here is the video that we used to interact with bystanders. We interviewed almost 200 people and 80% of them had no idea what aphasia was. So our education ap that we are developing will be useful for not only person’s with aphasia to inform them about their condition, but also the public  as well.

Example of VINI user